Australian made


With the Statesman’s furniture quality finish and aesthetic design will fit any where.

  • Innovative new cushion and top rail, cushion cloth 110mm wide, timber top rail 140mm wide, giving an overall width of 250mm.
  • Timber top rail is one continuous piece of timber, both along the long sides and the short ends with pockets set forward of timber top rail surround which still offers playability and functionality.
  • Adjusting feet under base of leg for easy levelling of table.
  • One piece slate 19mm (3/4″) in thickness.
  • Napped directional English cloth, one of various colours of your choice available.
  • Tasmanian Oak timber can be finished to your preference of colour to match as close as possible to your home décor.
  • Sleek rubber pocket inserts combined with synthetic bucket/baskets to capture the balls in each pocket.


Assembled Dimension: 1.630 x 2.690 x 0.800 m


Weight: 280 kg